Sugar Terminals Limited (STL) provides sustainable and globally competitive storage and handling solutions for bulk sugar and other commodities through its assets at the ports of Cairns, Mourilyan, Lucinda, Townsville, Mackay and Bundaberg.  Our terminals handle in excess of 4.6 million tonnes of commodities each year with  approximately 4 million tonnes of bulk sugar and 0.6 million tonnes of other commodities (including molasses, wood chip, gypsum and silica sands).

The majority of the commodities handled are exported, with the terminals providing 2.4 million tonnes of storage capacity, predominately used for bulk sugar.  The terminals are a vital component of the Queensland sugar industry which is an industry that generates over $1.7 billion in export earnings and employs over 16,000 people.

STL is publicly listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) with over 5,600 shareholders.  Share ownership is restricted to sugar industry participants (Growers and Millers) with a market capitalisation in excess of $360 million.